Practice on April 8, 2006




Making a guide plan




  1. Please choose your favorite type of foreign tourist out of the following types
  2. Assume 5 types of foreign guests are arriving at Kansai Airport. They will stay for 2-3 days. Basically all of them stay here for sighhtseeing. The foreign guests want to visit various spots as effectively as possible. Please make a guide plan according to your guest type in your group. Afterwards, one of your group member is expected to make a presentation.
  3. Please decide where to visit, how many days and where to stay, how to get to each destination and how to explain each spot to your guest.
  4. Please come up with a nice present given to your foreign guest.
  5. Please remember to bring guide books or maps if you have some.
Type A
Male. He is owner of a publishing company, an energetic type of business person. He once stayed in Tokyo for sighhtseeing. This is the first trip to Kansai area. He is a history mania. Of course, he is vrey much interested in Japanese history.
Type B
Female Hip Hop singer. This is the first trip to Japan. She loves Japanese - created Manga, Kitty- chan and some other characters. Her interest always goes to Japanese pop culture.
Type C
Major baseball player. He once came to Japan for Japan-U.S matches. He came to Kansai with his wife and little son this time around. He is interseted in Japan's athletic community. But this trip is aimed at entertaining his family. He and his wife are big lovers of Japanese cuisine.
Male. Young CEO of IT-related firm. Though he is interested in Japan, it's the first trip here. But he has recently turned much of his attention to China because of business demand. This time he is on the way to Shanghai. He only stops in Kansai. Your purpose is to impress him with a lively Japan.
Female. Environmentalist. She once came to Japan for sightseeing. She's been very busy and a little tired with her urban life. She's practicing Yoga and loves things Orieatal.

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