PRACTICE (Feb,04, 2006)

Genre: talk
Title: Telling Funny Stories

By Mr.Hiwatashi

Importance of "Telling a JOKE" is comparatively low in Japan.

(Kansai region including Kyoto is rare exception fortunately :-) )

Have you ever met a foreigner who doesn't tell a JOKE ?

It is said that Japanese bears several handicap in learning English.

e.g. pronunciation, grammatical difference, ...

In my opinion, telling a Joke is one of them.

Thank God, we have several Joke teller in this circle!

Why don't we learn the way from them?

Anyway, I summarized about this practice below.

$ I will prepare some articles about funny news written in Japanese.

$ Dividing us into some groups as usual.

$ I hope you will tell them your own funny story if it is possible.

$ OR translate the article.

$ The most important thing is trying to get a laugh!