PRACTICE (Feb,11, 2006)

Genre: talk
Title: Michigan

By Mr.Sugihara

What do I mean by Michigan? I donft mean a paddle-wheel
steamboat cruising on Lake Biwa, or do I?

Michigan is a state in the United States, located in the
central part of the U.S. Although Michigan is not so sexy
as New York in the east or California in the west, it has
two things that stand it out in the U.S.: The Great Lakes
and automobile industry.

Michigan borders four out of the five Great Lakes in North
America. That
fs why Shiga Prefecture, which boasts the largest lake in
Japan, has been the sister state of Michigan. And that
fs why the steamboat on Lake Biwa, a goodwill gift from
Michigan, is named so.

Detroit, located in southeast Michigan, is famous for its
automobile industry. The headquarter of General Motors
(GM), Ford Motor Company, and American division of
DaimlerChrysler, collectively known as the Big Three, is
located in and around Detroit. But for years, competitors
especially from Japan have made Detroit suffer. Can
gMotownh recover?

In practice, I prepare easy-to-talk topics on Michigan,
such as lakes, friendship with Shiga, automobile industry.
Just talk whatever comes to your mind. Or you may rap like
EMINEM the Detroit rapper, but without explicit language.

Fresh water from the Great Lakes may purify your English
accent. Maybe just contaminate yours ^^;;;