PRACTICE (August 16, 2003)

[Talk] "Daimonji Fire Festival" (Mr.Yasuda)

Traditional Events in Kyoto

If@Yosenji-temple were on much higher place, we could see those red letters or marks after we learn English!
Yes,Daimonji Fire Festival is just around the corner,isn't it? But please come this temple first anyway, and let's talk about our traditional events this evening .

Kyoto, which had been the capital of Japan for thousand years, is rich in cultural assets fostered, cultivated in the course of its long history.

Events characterized by it's traditions and time-honored heritages are abundant.
No doubt, those cultural assets and the surrounding nature leave deep impressions upon@the minds of the people in Kyoto.

To the Japanese , Kyoto , we believe ,is indeed a spiritual home.

Tonight,I would like all of you to talk about Daimonji Gozan Okuribi and other Kyoto traditional events.