Practice Contents (2003/01 - )

Here are the lists of the themes of our regular Saturday practice.
You can take a look at brief introduction to each theme by clicking on the date section in the table below.

Date presented bygenrecontents
December.6ImagawaDiscussionTree Diagram Method
December.27NoguchiTalkNews of the year 2003

November 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
November.1Y.NakaoDebateTalking and listening a lot!
November.15T.YamadaDiscussionIntroducing Japan
November.22MorimotoGameMessage game
November.29SakuraiTalk along with grammer exerciseWhat if I said I love you?

October 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
October.4IwasakiGAMEWhat is your decision?
October.11Mr.MizunoGameLet's enjoy talking about various topics.
October.18YoshidaGameExplaining Words
October.25staff--Camping seminar!!

September 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
September.6MiyauchiGameReport On The Subjects
September.13KuniispeechQuick response about books
September.20IgarashiGAMEBrand Shopping At Hong Kong

August 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
August.2OkaTalkProverbs in Focus
August.9YamamotoTalkTime Travel
August.16Mr.YasudaTalkDaimonji Fire Festival
August.23HoriTalk and SlideNorth America
August.30YasuokaTalkFood For Thought

July 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
July. 5HiwatashiGamesEnjoy it!
July. 12StaffTalkWhat's new?
July. 19Mr.FujitaDiscussionDiversification of Japan
July. 26Tachi-iriGameTake it Easy!

June 2003
Date presented bygenrecontents
June. 7TabataDiscussioneSeku haraf - Sexual Harassment
June. 14YamanishiDiscussionIF
June. 21StaffVarietyCurrent topics
June. 28YamaoTalkYour own Showa Era

May 2003
Datepresented bygenrecontents
May. 3Ms.FujitaDiscussionTV and our life
May. 10NoguchiDramaDrama
May. 17MatsuoRound Topic PresentationLove and Marriage
May. 24SaitoDiscussionChildhood
May. 31IshizakiCommunicationTHE TOUGH NEGOTIATOR

April 2003
Datepresented bygenrecontents
Apr. 5NakanishiQuizI love Kyoto
Apr. 12Tachi-iriDebate & ListeningSuburbs vs .City, etc.
Apr. 19AsaiQuizGuess who I am!
Apr. 26Nakai Quiz,Listening and PerformanceShakespeare's day

March 2003
Datepresented bygenrecontents
Mar. 1IwasakidiscussionWhat will our future be like ?
Mar. 8SakaivarietyConsultation
Mar. 15----speechWhat's new ?
Mar. 22TakahashidiscussionDifference between Men and Women's Ways of Thinking
Mar. 29SakuraiChattingReview of the ESS 2002

February 2003
Datepresented bygenrecontents
Feb. 1FurunodiscussionLet`s make your circle graph
Feb. 8T.MorisimulationShowing around Kyoto
Feb. 15IgarashidiscussionMail and Letter
Feb. 22OgawatalkingWhy not jumping into the melting pot of topics

January 2003
Datepresented bygenrecontents
Jan. 11MorimotodiscussionInteresting articles
Jan. 18----speechWhat's new ?
Jan. 25T.Watanabevarietydrama