PRACTICE (December 20, 2003)

[Talk] "Ireland" (Sugihara)


What does Ireland have to do with English language ? Though maybe reluctantly, Irish people speak English language.

Irish have been speaking English since they had been colonised by England, much longer than Americans or Australians, so Irish influence on English language and English speaking culture is obvious.

Also mass emigration to new world, most importantly to America, made their impact on these new English speaking world. One of the most famous American Presidents John F. Kennedy was descendant of Irish immigrant. Australia produced Prime Minister from Irish background.

And Ireland itself is increasingly attracting the world attention. Music and pubs are noticeable ambassadors to many foreign soils. Best Irish music can be traditional session at local pubs, but big names such as U2, Enya, Riverdance may be more well known, but musical tradition at pubs and on streets are apparent on these popular artists.

Any major cities worldwide seem to have bunch of Irish pubs, unique institution of Ireland. Ireland produced four Nobel Prize winners for literature, plus great literary figures like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, whose works are in English language with just few exceptions in Irish Gaelic. Captain of popular English football team Mancheter United is Irishman. Celtic mystique is attracting a lot of tourists from Europe and America. And list goes on.

In practice, I list some Ireland-related topics, so please talk freely about each subject. If you don't know anything about Ireland, don't worry. You can talk anything remotely connected to the given subject. Incoherent talk, usually discouraged, is encouraged on this occasion. Irish is famous or infamous for their drinking culture, and when intoxicated, they start to speak incoherently. Speak Ireland as Irish does.

With a touch of Irishness in your English, your English talk may acquire unique colour. Maybe not ^^;;;

slainte!(cheers for Irish Gaelic)