PRACTICE (February 22, 2003)

[Talking] "Why not jumping into the melting pot of topics" (Ogawa-Shinichi)
Choose any topics you want and enjoy talking together.

Do you like Tokyo ? And why is that?
According to the pole recently surveyed, 85% of Tokyoites said yes.
Where as only 37% of people in Osaka answered yes.
do you like Osaka ? what're some of the reasons ?
Talk about good and bad points of each cities respectively.

On business, there are some companies where people are about to wear casual dressing on every Friday.
What do you think of that trend ?
Tell us your fashion statements.
Do you think that casual approach will have an impact on your business ?
(to what extent ?)

There are many people keeping pets.
Pets seem to play some rolls for their owners,
 Do you keep pets? And what are pets for you ?
 How do you think we should get along with the companion animals ?

There certainly are many NGOs and NPOs in Japan. And we've come to know some of them thanks to Suzuki Muneo and what ever.
 What position you give them in your mind ?
 Are you having a hand in some volunteer activities now ? or in the past.

Do you smoke?
Nicotine is obviously a highly addictive substance.... and must be treated as such. We all know that to treat a person who has an alcohol problem, you wouldn't give that individual a beer or shots of liquor daily for 12 weeks to wean them. The individual is detoxed, the substance is removed through abstinence, nutritional support, relaxation and motivation. That's why the other ways to quit smoking, including the Patch and Gum, have only a 6- 22% success rate.
You don't wean someone off nicotine... you remove the toxic substances so the individual doesn't have the physical cravings. You address the psychological aspects of addiction through relaxation, motivation and nutritional support.
 Tell us your thought on smoking.

What is a weblog/blog ? A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically--like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly--from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction.
 Have you heard of blog ?
 What do think of our round table which seems quite similar to blog ?

Especially on business, about taking up a post without one's family (by oneself alone)
In Us, when people are transferred to some other branches far away from the present places like an expat, they usually go with their families.
On the other hand, we Japanese business men go alone more often than not.
 What do you think of this fact and trend ?
 What troubles or influences do you think might be turned up ?

About the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial House.
Some decades ago, those were Car, Cooler, and color-TV.
 And now, what are three for most people and for you ?
 Or, tell us three important things you value.

Make a list of short-range and long-range goals in your life. As I mentioned a while ago on the round table, it's very advisable for anybody to make them up.
 Why not share our views on that each other.

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 Are you on a diet ?
 What do think of the ads like this ?
 Address your thoughts on diet.

? In conclusion, get your teams ideas in shape or put your thoughts together about any one out of 10 topics.
At 7:45, on behalf of each team, one person will present the summary of the topic you mainly discussed in a few minutes in front of us respectively.