PRACTICE (March 22, 2003)

[Discussion] "Difference between Men and Women's Ways of Thinking" (Y.Takahashi)

I read a book named "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps" ”話を聞かない男、地図が読めない女”(主婦の友社) As the book became very polupar ,more than two million copies are sold in Japan, and seven million, in the world.

It says the difference betweeen men and women, which comes from the diffference of brains, as illustrated on the later page. It is said that if an embryo* gets a lot of hormone it will become a man, but if it dosen't happen, it will be a woman.

The authors are a couple, Mr. and Ms. Pease, and write it from both sides (men and women).
My wife and daughter also read it and understood what men are likely to think or to do.

Tonight, I'd like to discuss the difference between men and women's ways of thinking.

First, please answer a simple test from the book. The test has no right answers but shows your brain manly or womanly.
Next, please talk about following points.(No.2-4)

1. Please answer the questions of the test, and sum the scores. The way to calculate the score is written in the last part of the questions. High score means womenly and low one, manly. (Mostly, man 0-180, women 150-300).
Is your brain manly or womanly?

2. I pick up some interesting points the book says, so please make a discussion about them, referring to the explanation of the book attached on the later pages. ( Do you agree or not? Explain your experiences)

1)When got lost, women don't hesitate to ask someone the way, but men are likey to find the right way by themselves.
Do you agree to it ? Please explain your experience.

2)When women read a map, they always trurn the map corresponding to the direction to go, but men can understand it without turning.
Do you have such experience ?

3)Women talk about one topic but suddenly change it to no-related ones, which they can follow completely. However, men can follow only one topic at the same time.

4) When women get some stress or anxiety, they want to talk it to somebody, but they don't expect the solution from other people.
However, when men listen to such women's anxiety, they like to propose the solution.

3. What other points do you think men and women are different in ?

4. What do you think men and women should do to understand and get along with each other ?

Later, I want to ask one representative of each group to explain one or two experiences concerning to 4 statements of No2.