PRACTICE (August 23, 2003)

[Slide+Talk] "North America" (Hori)

North America

For 10 months, I was in the US and Canada for my work.
Today I'd like to show you some parts of these countries as a slide show.
After the slide viewing, I'd like you to discuss the issues on USA and Canada.

I'd like to know your images of these countries and also experiences with these countries.
At least concerning attitudes towards the previous war, these two countries were in sharply different position.
I hope all of you to think about these issues with agenda below.

1. Do you like USA? Why do you like/dislike? How about Canada?
2. Have you been to these countries? If yes how about your image? And which parts (states, etc.) of these countries you want to stay?
3. What is the good points of USA? And bad points?
4. What do you think is the difference of these two countries?
5. In an age of globalization, what do you think is the role or position of North America? How about the future of this area?

Thank you.