Practice Contents ( 2004/01 - 12 )

Here are the lists of the themes of our regular Saturday practice.
You can take a look at brief introduction to each theme by clicking on the date section in the table below.

Date presented by genre contents
December.4 Takao Usage & Practice Learn about Nuances
December.11 Kyoto NHK ESS Members Drinking & Communication Christmas Party (Not at the Temple)
December.18 Yamao Talk Oklahoma Mixer Talk
December.25 Yamamoto, Ke. An annual event of ESS at the end of the year Let's look back at 2004

Date presented by genre contents
November.6 Watanabe Discussion Planning to develop a city in a group
November.13 Haga Talk American Sports Idiom
November.20 Nishimura Discussion "HEN-AI" Map
November.27 Kawahara Discussion Finding ways to study English

Date presented by genre contents
October.2 Edaki Speech Let's practice for the 1st level of "Eiken"
October.9 Sakurai Talk What if you lived the story "Winter Sonata"?
October.16 Mizuno,T. Sugoroku Let's know each other over playing sugoroku
October.23 Kyoto NHK ESS Members Staying Together Training and Communication at a Camp (Not at the Temple)
October.30 Aiki Talk Talking a lot!

Date presented by genre contents
September.4 Mr. or Ms. Discussion Does language influence people's thoughts and behavior?
September.11 Shimizu Talk "Thank you" and "I'm sorry"
September.18 Yasuda Listening and Discussion Beauty Pageant
September.25 Staff Talk Sugoroku Talk

Date presented by genre contents
August.7 MrorMs Discussion Feelings in Movies
August.14 T.Noguti Music Song
August.21 Sugihara Talk Scotland
August.28 Haga Talk Combat erroneous KATAKANA English!

Date presented by genre contents
July.3 Imagawa Discussion Money Talks
July.10 Staff -- --
July.17 Yasuda Listening Broadcasting
July.24 Kyoto NHK ESS Members Drinking & Communication Summer Beer Party (not at the temple)
July.31 Ueto Akiko Game Quiz

Date presented by genre contents
June.5 Staff Yasuda & Nakano Game Word game & discussion
June.12 Noguti Drama Act it outI
June.19 Watanabe Game Scrable
June.26 Yamao Quiz and Discussion Are you a greenery person?

Date presented by genre contents
May.1 Mr Fujita Discussion Japanese hostages in Iraq
May.8 Mori Role playing game Simulated family
May.15 Morimoto Poem making iJapanese joke poem) Contest
May.22 Oka Discussion Classification by the 3 categories (Blood Type, Birthplace and Birthday)
May.29 Tabata Discussion The young of today arec

Date presented by genre contents
April.3 Hori Discussion ** in your life
April.10 Ex Staff; Mr Aiki Discussion Paraphrase it
April.17 Staff Talk Sugoroku Talk
April.24 Mr Saoda Easy talk, small talk, question and answer Interviewing and answering

Date presented by genre contents
March.6 Y.Takahashi Quiz Quizzes for Correcting Japanese-English Expressions
March.13 Asano Discussion If I were ...
March.20 Oshikiri Quiz To what extent can we recognize objects from their specifications?
March.27 Ishizaki Discussion TENSEI JINGO

Date presented by genre contents
February.7 Miyamae Game & Discussion Synonym & Life in overseas!
February.14 Hasebe Game & Quiz Let's learn from proverbs !
February.21 Staff Talk Sugoroku Talk
February.28 Oku Game Playing with Acronyms

Date presented by genre contents
January.10 Haga Practice "GIVE" and "GET" expressions
January.17 Staff Talk Various Topic
January.24 Ogawa Talk Reminiscence and Visions
January.31 Nakanishi Discussion Troubleshooting